Moneygram App for Loyal Customers: Reasons You May like It

Moneygram App

Have you already seen the last Moneygram ad on YouTube? It goes pretty straight with the new app, available for any operating system. The smiling guy is telling about his preferences at money sending.

Is this good as they describe? Should you start using Walmart Moneygram app to make transfers from any place and don’t depend on a store location? We got an answer!

How Does Moneygram App Work?

Thanks to a new feature, you may send money in cash or deposit them to a bank account using your phone. You have full data protection; but even if the scams are limited, make sure to contact a support team if some troubles are appeared.

How Does Moneygram App Work

The app gives 24/7 access to services. You also may choose it for covering monthly bills or helping charities.

Use the app to track every single transfer or find the nearest location. Whenever you want, stay in touch with a receiver to tell when cash arrives.

By the way, no need to be a registered user – right after successful download you can start sending money. And pay attention to fees for different transactions. Moneygram app helps to calculate them any time you want.

Explore the Types

Deciding to download Moneygram app, make sure your cell phone supports it.

The main difference is only about Android or iOS – which operating system you have. The key tools are the same; no higher fees or problems with a spot. You can use the camera to scan the documents (card and ID) just one time. Control the spending as well by having access to past transactions.

Android or iOS Moneygram App

Specifically for iOS users – try a biometric feature to log in quickly. It also provides new updates once the system needs them.

The company has already launched the Moneygram app in the USA, UK, most European countries and even Australia. Since more than 70% of transfers are done online, it seems to be the greatest solution to increase customers’ loyalty.

Start Using Today

You won’t get confused, as the interface is similar to common apps. The Moneygram app for Android doesn’t go far from a morning alarm or step counter.

Use moneygram app

Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  • Open the app and log in if having an account;
  • Tap “Start sending money”;
  • Put the contact details of a receiver; make sure to double-check to avoid mistakes;
  • Choose the best way for another person to collect the money;
  • Put the amount you want to send;
  • Choose the way to cover transfer fees – you’ll see total sum;
  • Confirm your card, if you chose this way of payment;
  • Don’t hesitate to type the additional details about both sides using Moneygram. They may require to put your SSN to make sure about your identity;
  • Don’t close the app until the information is not entirely processed;
  • You still may change some of the details after the previous step; press “Change” and call your receiver when everything is done!


Mobile Moneygram is a convenient way to send costs in unpredictable situations. You don’t need to look for nearest MoneyGram locations anymore.

People who use this app, have fewer complaints, and can always stay in touch from any place around the world. It won’t take a lot of your phone memory but will make you more confident about the upcoming money transfers to friends and family.