How To Fill Out A MoneyGram Money Order

MoneyGram Money Order

Filling a MoneyGram is easy and learning how to write one is the crucial part. The MoneyGram money order must be correctly filled out to make sure that the payment is approved and processed without any problems. Learn how to fill out MoneyGram by following the steps below:

How to Fill Out a MoneyGram Money Order

#1 Verify whether you can use it. Money orders are a method of payment that guarantees the recipients that they will get a particular payment. Because you prepay the money order at the time of purchase, you cannot cancel the pay as you would with a credit card charge. Moreover, the amount can’t bounce like a false check. Although this is a very secure payment method, not all individuals or companies accept it as a means of payment. Before getting one, ask the recipient to see if it’s an acceptable form of payment.

#2 Evaluate your available options. You can buy money orders from various locations, including banks, post offices, banks and local stores such as grocery stores, MoneyGram stores, and Western Union branches. If you can’t access a MoneyGram store around your region, visit the company’s website. Simply enter your address and select the box matching your kind service and find a branch that will satisfy your needs.

Depending on your money order needs, you should either enable “Pay an Invoice” or “Send Money,” then Visit the website for a list of nearby MoneyGram locations to select the best one to use. If you can’t locate a convenient branch, consider the online transaction. Again, confirm with your recipient to ensure they will approve this payment method instead of a physical one.

#3 Request the money order. Ask the cashier for a money order and purchase it before filling it out. Figure out how much you want to send before accessing the MoneyGram to able to cover transaction fees as well. Bear in mind MoneyGram operates with cash, credit cards and debit cards including the checks for the money orders purchase.

Fill in the money order as soon as you buy it: know that it will be as good as cash once you have paid it, so if the fields are left empty then you will lose the money. Next, enter the recipient’s name in the line “Pay to the order of.” The money order marks their various fields in more than one language to benefit MoneyGram clients greatly. Remember to specify the recipient’s legal name whether a person or a company.

#4 Signing and address entering. Sign the payment order under the line “Pay to the order from.” use your official sign and the name found on your license or credit card. Enter your address below the signature line labeled “Address” thoroughly and accurately including street address, state, city, and even postal code. Remember to separate the money order from its receipt.

track your money order status

Preserve the stub until you confirm the money order has been processed and received by the recipient. In case your money order is lost or stolen, the receipt’s information can be provided as a proof or be used to track your money order status.


Ensure you fill out everything correctly to avoid any complication. There you go, make that transaction efficiently in no time by following the above guidelines.