Common Sense in Moneygram Reviews: Is It Worth to Use?

Moneygram online reviews

Moneygram is a well-known company for external transfers. Since you don’t need a bank to deal with, the agent locations around the world can assist with the financial inquiries.

Watching Moneygram customer reviews can take a lot of time; that’s why we gathered the most common reasons why people DO and DON’T like the service. It may be good information to think about and make your own decision. 

Talking About the “Pros”

People appreciate Moneygram because of their speed and exclusive service.  

People appreciate Moneygram

Steve’s review also shows customers tend to choose Moneygram more often than Western Union or the other big company.

choose Moneygram

Among many Moneygram online transfer reviews, Catherine’s is very important. You see how people trust the company for over 10 years; it shows great experience and professional service.

Do customers use alternative providers? Yes, they may choose among TransferWise or OFX. However, Moneygram remains one of the most preferable companies.

With variable options and the story behind a name, Moneygram already became a trustable brand not only for Americans. You pay credit card, make a bank deposit or go straight to the location. No matter where do you live – Moneygram is widespread all over the Globe and it continues to create even more spots for clients’ convenience.

excellent support at Moneygram

Here’s one more proof of excellent support at Moneygram. People value qualified assistance; through all the years of experience, the company stays proud of its workers. 

A Little More About the “Cons”

Unfortunately, customers tell not only about good things but also about bad experience.  

MoneyGram Cons

Let’s take this radical review, for example. Leticia left unsatisfied of customer service, saying about an incompetent agent. What worsened the situation –she used Moneygram for the very first time, so the possible loyal client was lost. And the continuation of feedback:

MoneyGram Cons

Be attentive to comments like this. Maybe, the service is not the best for everybody and misunderstanding stays popular among Internet users. They may become victims in the future, as the ID confirmation is a basic principle of Moneygram validating process. It’s designed for full protection.

Back to Walmart Moneygram reviews. Most of the bad comments are about illegal scams, which happen frequently. What do the official sources say? – To fill in a form or call a free number. What do people tell? – Holding money for 10 days or more, incorrect responses, etc.

You don’t always know who is right, but be aware of possible frauds, while using this transfer machine. Especially, when you’re aimed to send a lot of cash.

Here’s another review:

MoneyGram review

Don’t be disappointed, but the online version isn’t perfect. As this review tells, a client simply couldn’t send money without a location. Moreover, he had problems with the debit card option. As a result, the customer just got a number to call and had to visit a MoneyGram location for closing a deal

The bad sides of Moneygram you should be aware of:

  • Fees – about $5 for every $100 you send; may depend on a country as well;
  • Rates – choose alternatives to switch currencies;
  • Arranging your name – means you can get refuse when saying a name, middle name and surname in a different order a sender did it.

Summing Up

To trust Moneygram or not is a personal choice. Whenever you detect an inappropriate service or fraud, report about it. Try to look for alternatives, and compare them. If you have never used MoneyGram before, ask for help to send big amounts of money. And don’t be afraid: doing everything correctly you will always be able to send and receive money.